October in November

October is one intense month of color studies.

I never make it. That is, I never manage to paint all that I see, as each day offers such an abundance of inspiration. But every year, my efforts yield a new harvest.

In nature as in life, everything is constantly changing; we know that, though it is not always apparent. In spring, the color of some foliage appears with a tart yellow green that evolves to a deep rusty green in the fall. This is so progressive that we hardly notice it. Not so in October, where every day is a new festival of tantalizing color combinations, unmistakably changing.

As I am currently working in a bigger format of 22 x 30 inches, each sketch will take more time than would a smaller size. So I had to proceed quite rapidly from one to the other, chasing the fleeting light and color combinations before they disappeared.

And now, while everything is still fresh in my memory, I am completing them. Doing so, I am striving ahead into new territory, though this too, is not yet noticeable.

Louise Jalbert, “The Cherry Tree in October”, 2018, Gouache on paper, 30 x 22 inches.