Artist Statement

My art is about our deep connection to nature and to ourselves. Through this connection flows our life and all that gives life meaning. In such simple things as the smell of rain or the colour of the morning sky, we are touched by an elusive yet majestic presence that echoes inside us. That resonance is what I seek to express.

Nature as a theme is vast : I choose mundane subjects. In the ordinariness of a patch of grass, some foliage or the rugged bark of trees, I find a mystery. Their countless shapes, intricate patterns and ever changing colors challenge me to transpose their beings into rythmic brushmarks, fields of colors, and dynamic compositions.

I make studies outside as much as possible, being receptive to sights as well as to sounds, smells, touch, and any other impression that may come forth : these feed my perception and memory. Back in the studio, I use these sketches as a starting point, letting the accumulated stimulus charge the images. This allows the immediacy of the painting process to bring out what my senses and memory have captured, keeping my vision alive.

With this combination of observation and intuition, my art invites you to feel the subtle yet pervasive essence of our deep connection to nature and to ourselves.