I’ve written septembre in French to cast a spell on you.
 The spell of a foreign word spoken softly. A simple word, a song or a color, and voilà!  You are moved. Transported from a cold rainy day into the land of poets. Your shriveled heart enraptured into voluptous intimacy, eager to pour into another heart. It happens instantly, deep within us, because art, music and language have the power to transport us.
Can you say septembre ?
Listen to Camélia Jordana as she sings this song from iconic French singer and composer Barbara, with Alexandre Tharaud at the piano. 
This is what I would call grand simplicity. Simple in form, masterly in craft, magnificent with emotion.

Carrying you away. 

Louise Jalbert, “Feuillage illuminé, septembre”, 2017, Aquarelle sur papier, 28 x 37 cm