A sense of adventure

It’s good to be back in the studio with a regular schedule. It grounds me as I reconnect with my art and with life.

It’s been an interesting summer. Completing Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar is an accomplishment of which I’m proud and happy. It has meant less time for creating art, but it has been a transformative experience and the rewards are important: A new mindset for marketing, invaluable learning, and meeting some brave, generous and insightful people.

One of the above is fellow artist, Francesca Saveri. On her latest blog, Francesca writes eloquently about the creative process in “How I know when it’s done”, noting “an exhaustion of emotion” can lead to new creations.

Something similar may be happening for me, as I am picking up speed in the studio, though not gaining momentum yet. My vision of tapestry is there, only at times I feel as if I’m not fully grasping it. Or worse, not fully feeling it.

Perhaps it only needs more time and work; maybe I need to risk some changes. The next weeks will be revealing. I do have time, a technique with which I’m well-acquainted and my favorite subjects are glowing in a gorgeous summer light. What more could I want?

A sense of adventure

That sense is not entirely there right now. Not yet. It’s ironic and uncomfortable but I believe it’s a good sign: Something is brewing. I can see it in the above image: there is assertiveness in it, as well as a some probing. An interesting combination that speaks of the process.

How long will this fermentation take? What ingredient should I add or subtract, if any? Curiosity comes to mind. What happens if I do this? What happens if try that? That’s all it takes for now, and thus I am ploughing on, eager to discover what the process yields in this awaited adventure.

Louise Jalbert, Premières couleurs d’automne, aout 2017, aquarelle sur papier, 28 x 37 cm