Change of scene

Winter has arrived here in Québec, settled in comfortably with a few inches of snow to set the scene.

All is white now. The snow reflects light which further pales everything.

I always dread losing the deep colors of fall. As I do moving away from the sumptuousness of summer. The range of colors that surrounds at the present time is restrained and sober: whites, grays, browns and some blues.

On some evenings, there are pinks and violets.

And sometimes, after a fresh snow, sparkles of cristal shine in the sunlight. This is magical.

It takes me back in time, some Christmases ago. I was given a set of paint, in small plastic jars with a small brush, and to my amazement, one was gold and the other was silver, both with sparkles.That was very new, then.

The gift now is the exercise in restraint and nuance these months of austerity bring to my my eyes. I get to see better, with more subtlety.

And the wonder lives on, when I look, and when I paint.

May your Hollidays be Joyous and Sparkling!
May 2018 bring you Peace, Health and Joy!

Louise Jalbert, Bushes and Blue Snow, 2017, Watercolor and gouache on paper, 4 x 7 inches