Painting the Blues

I’ve been meaning to paint the winter blues.
Blues and whites and pinks.

After a fresh snowfall, when it is sunny, the white ground reflects these colors, sometimes strikingly. It can be quite beautiful, especially at sunrise or sunset. February and March are the best months to see that, because the sun is stronger and there is more light.

In this sketch, I’ve put down some ideas about color that I’d like to develop.

It is carefully observed and rather descriptive, but that’s the way I often start. Minutely, I get acquainted with a subject, and make my way into its various features. I want to know them so well that they become imprinted in my memory. Once I have internalized the visual reality, I can focus on extricating the vision it has inspired me.

So I will be doing such studies for the next few weeks, while developing my vision of the winter blues in the process.
There are only two months left for this season…at least for this year.

Louise Jalbert, “Winter Blue, sketch #1”, 2018, Gouache on paper, 11 x 14 inches.