Stepping Stones

Last week, I wrote about changing from one technique to another, from watercolor to gouache. That change had been brewing in me for a while and though technique will play an important part, it’s about more than technique. It’s about expanding my art, working out some ideas, and developing new skills. Changing technique is good way to start this process.

But before I get very absorbed with this new body of work, I have some unfinished business to attend to.

Prior to my departure for France, I had started a few watercolors, that were left aside. For some of them, it was a lack of time, for others, I was stuck. Both the trip and stepping into a different technique have given me the distance to get back to them with a fresh eye. Thus before I really move ahead with another project, I want to complete them.

It’s not that everything I wanted to do with this project is done. That’s impossible, and unattainable. Still, I am happy with what I did and learned, for now. It has generated a lot of ideas I want to take into another form of painting

That form is still to be found, and here’s why getting back to unfinished work will be a good thing.

It gets me back in touch with the numerous ideas that were were brimming in my mind while I was painting.



Ideas on composition such as:

How far can I render a tapestry-like effect in nature before it gets too even?

Ideas on color such as:

How many greens are there and how do you make them alive?





You can see several attempts here.
Did I exhaust those ideas? I feel I barely started to explore them. And as I forge ahead, they will be my stepping stones to the next form.

Louise Jalbert, “Branches and Foliage”, 2017, Watercolor on paper, 11 x 15 inches, and other unfinished watercolors in the studio.