I tend to be a perfectionist.

It makes me feel safe. I should say “we” tend to be perfectionists as this illusion appeals to many of us. And the funny thing is, often art is not perfect. It shows doubt, trial and error, even a struggle. A human struggle.

Last April, I was visiting galleries in the Chelsea neighbourhood of New York with a dear friend of mine, Jason Starr. Jason is a filmmaker, who shares his passion for music with great insight, particularly the music of Gustav Mahler:

We came upon the work of Lynette Lombard (see below) It was gutsy, feisty and colourful work, which I appreciated, but I also felt a bit uneasy about it. I thought it lacked a certain definition, or carefulness. Jason, on the other hand, loved it. As we started to compare our observations and reactions, I became aware that what I saw as the chaotic aspect of her work was unsettling to me. Nevertheless, I had been touched and that triggered a reflection.

The experience of her work and my reaction are inspiring me to experiment with my own art in this direction. My work above is a step in that direction. It takes time to explore a new territory and see what fits or not, but it also open possibilities.

Louise Jalbert, “Foliage in Disarray”, 2017, Watercolor on paper, 11 x 15 inches
Lynette Lombard, Afloat, Oil on linen, 26″x26″, 2016