Don’t mind the mess, I am just starting.

I’ve put the winter gouaches aside and I’d like to do some bigger, bolder work now. So here’s a start: the above oil sketch is somewhat disheveled and chaotic. I am searching and trying out new ideas and not all of them will be good.

My aim is to expand my expression with new means. In order to find those new means, I am experimenting with different formats and techniques: interesting things happen when I play with these variables.

Is it merely a question of format or technique? Surely not, but stepping into another painting territory always yields new insights, challenging my habits. It takes me on a path of exploration and discovery.

 Oil Paint:
There’s no other medium as luscious and sensual as oil paint. I work on a glass palette: it’s great for mixing colors and easy to clean. Oil is messy, but the smell of it is like perfume to me, though a potent one!

How can I catch the smell of trees, the intricacy of bare branches, the wind whispering through them? How can I bring you, the viewer, into a space, a world of colors and brushstrokes that will make you stop and feel it all?

Those are the questions that drive me. Stay tuned.

Louise Jalbert, “Branches”, study, 2018, Oil on canvas, 26 x 31 inches