August Surprise

Coming soon in November, is a group show I will take part in at Galerie des Beaux-Arts des Amériques, in Montreal.

There is a theme for this show, it is called The Gift. Each of the participating artist may interpret this idea as they want, on an identical 20 x 20 inches wood panel.

I have chosen to represent Light, which to me is one the greatest gifts of life.

Without sunlight, there would be no life on this earth. In winter, the scarcity of light dulls our days, while in summer, it’s abundance makes us feel alive and vibrant. Sunlight is at the very source of my artwork: it gives me the simple yet fundamental pleasure of seeing. I see the variations of color because of the changing light, and I marvel at the intricate ways it plays into forms. It is light that reveals depth and space, and at certain times of the day, just like that, it can bestow an ethereal quality to this material world.

There will be one watercolor on exhibit at the show, but in my process, I always do several. Here is one of them.

Louise Jalbert, August Surprise, 2019, Watercolor on paper, 20 x 20 inches