Flogging a Tired Horse

is what I have been doing with my work lately, once more reminding myself that this is never a good idea. Striving for too long, without allowing much respite, I ended up feeling more like kicking than painting.

Taking a break was the easy (and obvious) answer, but no, I wouldn’t yield to this, because it is very hard to let go of something that you haven’t yet managed to do. It is tough to admit you can’t do it now or perhaps ever (oh yeah?).

And I do like to be engaged in creating, taking one idea into the next, inventing as I go, discovering new possibilities. There is so much I want to do! But when I push too much, I shut those possibilities down, and everything becomes stiff.

Finally, I took a break from the studio and immediately felt better. I even started to get some ideas and did little sketches. So it looks as if there might be a spring after this long and icy winter, what do you know.

This was a good time to refresh my website homepage and add new pictures, thanks to my webmaster, Guillaume Sanfaçon.

Louise Jalbert, “Trees in the courtyard”, 2019, Feltmarker on paper, 8 x 3.5 inches