The Artist in India

The main purpose of my trip to India was spiritual, but the artist very happily came along.
And what a feast that was for the eyes and soul!

From the polluted streets of Delhi to the small villages of the Himalayas,
I was thrilled by the unabashed colors displayed on people’s clothes, fabrics, and objects of all sorts in shops, houses, even on temples and buildings.

Women in their striking saris impressed me considerably, like walking jewels in the dusty landscape.



Even the smallest shops had an amazing array of fabrics and patterns.

I wonder if there is any other country that manifests as many diverse and intense color combinations and contrasts as does India? Is there a symbolic meaning for each of them? It is so powerfully invigorating!




Houses were painted in pistachios and purples, and so were the clotheslines.

I am still bathing in the myriad of impressions I gathered there. It will sustain me and my art for a long time: there is much to assimilate.
I stay tuned with my yoga practice, contemplation, meditation and asanas.





In their race towards progress, I hope the young people of India (50% of the population) will keep grounded in their spiritual heritage, essential for inner peace.





I connected a lot of dots on this journey. My intuition deepened as to where I want to take my art and what I want to share.

More or less consciously, I have always felt that art and spirituality flow from the same source. Now I know they can become one expression.

All photos: Louise Jalbert, “A pilgrimage to India”, 2018