Birds and Drawing

A few weeks ago, I noticed two birds, a male and a female Northern Cardinal, singing in a bush that stands in front of my window.
A welcome sign of spring!

As a nice coincidence, the same day I received an email from my friend Dagmar Frinta, with her recent drawings and observations of birds.
I love Dagmar’s drawings, and thought these were too beautiful not to share.

An artist’s sketchbook is an intimate place of experiment and essays: having the chance to leaf through one is a privilege and a joy : that of being in touch with the inner most process of the artist and the day to day efforts or musings.
I am very grateful for Dagmar’s openness to share hers.

As often in a sketchbook, these drawings were done for the pleasure of drawing, as a way of getting in touch with herself and her art: something I relate to easily.


Dagmar’s fine draftmanship is obvious as she revels in depicting the birds’s various features and colors.

Her drawings have a tenderness that reflect her sensitivity to those vibrant and often enchanting creatures. They serve no other purpose but to see and understand, which makes them all the more endearing and above all, alive.

Dagmar Frinta, “European Starling”, “Woodpeckers”, “White-breasted Nuthatch”, “American Crow”, 2018, Colored pencils in notebook, 6 x 4 inches
Photos: Dagmar Frinta